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Welcome to Maxe

“Creative designers, marketers and developers can instantly receive feedback on what works for capturing attention


What is Maxe?

Developed in partnership with Bournemouth University Computer Animation team and Innovate UK Smart Grants, Maxe was developed by a team of specialists using computer vision to enhance digital content.

How can Maxe help you?

To gain a competitive advantage, it is essential for businesses to conduct market research to understand what their customers want. Current state-of-the-art methods are costly, time-consuming and offer minimal return for the amount of effort that is required. That’s where Maxe comes in; backed by years of computer vision and market research expertise, we have developed an online tool that is fast and cost effective for designers, developers and marketers.

How can Maxe optimise your digital content?

Maxe delivers performance data on any given piece of marketing content using human-vision artificial intelligence. The vast array of features include:

Image Analysis Tool:

The Maxe Image Analysis Tool identifies key items within any content to show where the key focal points are. This is broken down into three specific areas:


Heatmaps show you in a clear way where your audience is focused. Gain insights on the most attention grabbing areas of your content.

Try the Maxe Image Analysis Tool here: We will be releasing a version for video soon!

Object Detection:

Object Detection highlights and identifies the key elements of your content, gauging which elements within the content are most noticeable to your audience.

Text Readability:

Text readability feature measures the legibility of text using visual cues surrounding the words, such as the colour and contrast between the background and elements around the text itself.

Image Scoring Tool:

The Maxe Image Scoring Tool allows users to compare two images side-by-side to have performance effectiveness measured via heatmap analysis. With opinions taken out of the equation, the decision making process is sped up and you can finalise design proposals instantly.

Eye-Tracking Tool:

The Maxe Eye-Tracking Tool uses real-time viewing sessions to discover how people view your content. As a host, you will be able to invite collaborators to take part in these sessions simultaneously; collaborators can be friends, family, colleagues or anyone you wish to take part to further reinforce the impact your digital content will have when launched.

Head Pose Tool:

The Maxe Head Pose Tool is an interactive application which reacts to the viewer’s head movement. By utilizing any web cam, the viewer can turn their device into an interactive medium.

So why choose Maxe?

With the capabilities of Maxe, creative designers, marketers and developers can instantly receive feedback on what works for capturing attention and have optimised media to get messages across effectively.

We look forward to sharing more in-depth posts about Maxe and giving you the opportunity to try it out for yourself. Be sure to check our YouTube channel for a visual demonstration of our platform and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all things Maxe!

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