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Heatmap Analysis in the Real World

“Validate any design with a unique and creative approach 


What is Heatmap Analysis?

When you design any graphic product, you want to ensure that areas of interest are clearly visible to the end user. Using a tool which can identify where user attention is most prominent is essential to ensure your vision aligns with reality, and that’s where Heatmaps come into play.

Heatmap Analysis gives you a visual representation of where your audience is looking so you can better understand which areas of your content are making the most impact. To show how useful heatmaps can be in creative contexts, we have assembled 5 of the most successful designs in various contexts and obtained heatmaps results from Maxe Image Analysis to convey the versatility of this tool.

In-Store Display: Orea Bus

The signature brand colours of Oreo, Blue and White, help this fixture stand out according to the saliency mapping. Furthermore, having the stand in the shape of a bus makes it more visible compared to regular stands.

Web Design: Airbnb

The centre of attention in the page is the artwork with the stylish living space. The search function is also placed directly above the most eye catching area of the page, ensuring the user finds what they are looking for easily.

Mobile Interface: Samsung One UI

The dark background with the bright lettering ensures the key information along the upper half of the home screen stands out. As well as high contrast and differing hues, spacing is used between icons to make apps easy for the user to find and select.

Magazine Cover: GQ

The main person on the cover wears a dark suit which heavily contrasts with the plain, light background. The suit has bold, white lettering written in block capitals to emphasize the message and its importance.

Ad Campaigns: McDonalds

By splitting the canvas into thirds, McDonalds has maximised the use of space across the image and uses negative space to create three areas of focus. The brand logo and key message is placed directly below the main graphics to draw viewer attention.

How can I use Heatmaps for my own designs?

The examples above show that heatmaps can be used to validate any design with a unique and creative approach. If you have a new design you wish you seek validation from, try out the Maxe Image Analysis tool for yourself by clicking here! Upload your image, select the industry you are using the design for and receive instant feedback on the most visible areas of your content.

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