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Automated Content Creation


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Tell Us What You Do

Begin the journey by describing what your business does. This will help Maxe collect media assets and generate messaging that is bespoke to your marketing content. 

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Add Your Media

Choose how to gather the content for the marketing piece. There are three options to choose from; have our platform automatically select recommended images and videos, browse our library of stock assets, or upload your own media.

Guaranteed Engaging Media Assets

Extensive Media Asset Library

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Effective Messaging.

The Tagline Generator enables you to pair your media assets with a motto, slogan or catchphrase. Taglines can be automatically generated by our platform which uses the description given in the introduction stage. Alternatively, you can write out your own taglines.

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Generate Content

With all the ingredients in place, you are ready to have Maxe deliver fully optimised content. Click the generate button and the platform creates multiple design proposals for you to choose from. All content is ready to be published to social media channels directly.

One-Click Content Generation

Content Is Optimised For Any Social Media Platform

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Our Team

Peter Ward

Founder & CEO

Award winning Industrial & Product Designer, working alongside big brands including Diageo, Redbull, Cadburys and Logitech.

Akshay Kumar

Founder & CTO

Image recognition expert and full stack software developer. Previously created top selling and No.1 rated Android applications on the Google Play Store.

Kris Milne

CAO & Data Scientist

A Machine Learning and Big Data specialist with a background in Aerospace engineering. Worked as a Lead Quant Analyst for the leading financial service Credit Suisse.

Sean Owusu-Sannah

Market Researcher

First-Class BA Honours Degree in Business Management. Specialist in technology development and integration into current industry practices.

Reece Franklyn

Multimedia Designer

Graphic Designer and Animator, specialising in Brand visualisation, development and execution.

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